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David ('Dr. Dave') Luttrull, Ph.D. 

Chief Scientist & Director

Thirty-three (33) years experience in chemical research, product development, product marketing, and R&D management. This includes 22 scientific publications.

Physical Address:

2313 N 24th Street, Unit C

Phoenix, AZ 85008



Dr. Luttrull initially became interested in organic chemistry because of his intrigue in the seemingly magical photochemistry involved in traditional photography. Pursuant to his interest in photochemistry, he earned a M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry at Bowling Green State University (Center for Photochemical Sciences), a Ph.D. in Physical-Organic Chemistry from Arizona State University (1987-91, Center for the Study of Early Events in Photosynthesis) and completed a NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship at The University of Rochester (NSF Center for Charge-Transfer Studies). 

​Dr. Luttrull has successfully conducted or directed R&D in several industries, including specialty chemicals area (Nalco Chemical Company, Sugar Land, TX), dielectric-composite materials for telecommunications and cellular infrastructure (Park Electrochemical Corp., Tempe, AZ and Isola Group, Chandler, AZ), and bio-monitor development (Rosestreet Labs, Phoenix, AZ). 

As a testament to Dr. Luttrull's ability to work with other scientists and medical professionals to complete a diverse set of seminal research studies, he has authored or co-authored over 22 scientific publications, including two (2) patents, and ten (10) scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals such as the medical journal RETINA (1), J. of Amer. Chem. Soc. (2), Langmuir (2), J. of Organic Chemistry (1), Photochemistry & Photobiology (2), Royal Society of Chemistry (1), and Science (1).